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This is the second custom home I have built, and I have to say there was a night and day difference between the two. Robert Lord builds your house as if he were building his own. His attention to detail is unrivaled and his knowledge of products is unparalleled. During the building process we were in daily communication and Robert came up with ideas during our conversations that FAR SURPASSED my own. I have always believed that collaboration results in the best possible outcome, and this house is a perfect example of that. Every inch of this house was finished to the highest standards and highest quality. Each room has a breathtaking feature that elicits ooohs and ahhhhs from everyone who’s seen them. Even the tradesmen who worked on the house are amazed by its beauty. Robert’s tradesmen are definitely the best in the business and many times during this process made the impossible: possible.  Everything in this house FAR SURPASSED my expectations.  You cannot go wrong choosing Lord General Contractors Corporation.  I couldn’t possibly love my Robert Lord home more.  

A VERY Satisfied customer,

- Sierra Scott  TV Host, “Positively Kansas”

We went to a home for Lord General Contractors to certify it for Energy Star. The home was well built, modern, used advanced building techniques, and stands out from other builders I've worked with. With over 10,000 Homes being tested in my career, the home I tested for Lord General Contractors stood out in several areas of testing including infiltration. Overall this builder hands down impressive. 10/10 would work with again.

- Keith Sterback - Certified Energy Rater - 15 Lightyears, Inc.

Two years ago we embarked on our journey to find the appropriate spot to build our dream home along the coast of Pinellas County. The first step in this journey was to find the ideal general contractor with the experience and ability to complete our once-in-a-lifetime event. After much research and several hours of discussions with many different contractors, we found Robert Lord and didn't look back. Every conversation with Robert is an illustration of his passion for home construction as he explains the details of the tasks that lie ahead. From helping us select the right lot, to aiding in home design, to dealing with the unknowns a custom build brings, Robert is indeed a master of his craft. A famous quote comes to mind, "To whom much is given, much is expected." Robert knows what is expected of him and he takes the responsibility seriously each day and with

each and every step. Trusting someone to build your home isn't easy. Giving Robert the huge responsibility to ensure your expectations are met WAS and CONTINUES TO BE easy.

- Steve and Lindsay Lemak

Robert Lord has spent the past 25 years establishing an enviable reputation built on his commitment to quality, service, and innovation. Lord incorporates the best brands and the best-in-class construction practices to insure a delighted customer. He knows no other way.

- Wally Schwartz - United States Director - Sales Builder Group - Kohler Company

Rob Lord is the best of the best. I have never met anyone who cares more about attention to detail.  I can't say enough good about his experience and knowledge. He makes sure things are done properly.  Doing things correctly is much cheaper and enjoyable than doing again later.  He will not stop until he finds the right person or company to do the job right the first time.  My wife and I still are living in our new Lord house and we couldn't be happier!!!!  His knowledge of home building and efficiency is second to none. I am always disappointed when I have to hire other contractors. They just don't have the skills Rob has.  Lord blows them all away.  I can't wait to have him build us another house again someday.  5 stars plus!!!!!!!

- Thomas and Beth Zylstra


Lord General Contractors built us our custom dream home, they are very professional and personable.  As we all know, choosing a contractor isn't always an easy task and it's a long relationship but Lord General Contractors made this an easy decision. They treat you like family and accommodated us with every want and need we had.  Robert is very patient and kind and addressed every situation need be during the project.  I would recommend Lord General Contractors to anyone ...they will not disappoint!

 - Jeannine and Steve Buscema

If you're looking to build a vacation home somewhere in the United States - lucky you - but live in Canada you might want to consider hiring a graduate master builder (Think of this as prudent insurance against potentially faulty construction).  The National Association of Home Builders in the U.S. gives top builders this title.  Only a small number of tradesman ever achieve this status.  Robert Lord for example is one of only 11 in the state with this designation.

- Shelly Sanders Greer - U.S.Homes - National Post Canada 

“We chose Robert Lord to build our home after viewing many other builders because of his attention to detail and style. Rob Lord is a very hands-on builder who is on site daily overseeing the construction of your home and making sure everything is exactly as you have specified. He is as concerned about the finished product as if it was his own home. We have been in our custom built home for almost a year with no troubles, and have had so many compliments on the beautiful details of our home. I would highly recommend Rob Lord to anyone moving to our area. We would certainly build a home with him again!”

- Keric and Mimi Kennedy

“Brenda and I compared numerous builders over a one year period and we are extremely happy we chose Robert Lord to build our new house. New home buyers who do their homework will definitely be delighted and satisfied with the quality. It is very difficult and rare to find a builder who is true to their word, and follows through on everything we discussed throughout the building process. Robert Lord should be very proud of the product he puts his heart and soul into. It is evident that Robert Lord loves what he does and treats each home as if were his own.”

- Steve and Brenda LeMire

Rob’s attention to detail and knowledge of the construction process is second to none!! Communication was excellent and you don’t have to worry about your project dragging out. That’s rare these days. Absolute top notch!!!

- Craig Wheatley Director - Tyvek Market Development

"I had great pleasure in meeting Robert Lord and getting to know his vision and his passion for buildings.  After I talked to him at length and visited some of his job sites, I immediately realized that Robert Lord is a forward thinking, a truly innovative builder, a pioneer and visionary who is well ahead of his time.  Not only Robert Lord in as early adopter of revolutionary and state-of-the-art building techniques, but he is extremely committed to energy-efficiency and sustainable construction.  Robert Lord was already ahead of the game as he had embraced step-change technologies such as geothermal and closed-cell foam insulation, but Robert Lord has now leaped into the future of construction by being the first builder in United States to use a completely reflective low-e building envelope that manages radiant heat in roof and walls and makes the building much more energy efficient, dramatically reducing the energy cost and the greenhouse gas emissions of the home, helping to reduce global warming and protecting the environment."

- Arturo Horta PHD - DuPont Corporation

I was Honored to venture through the first official Green Home with a zero carbon foot print. Was invited to a News cast recording where I got to see a professional anchor News person walk through the house with Robert Lord. I've always been impressed with the Top of the line quality products Mr. Lord uses to build his houses and buildings. I would definitely recommend his work and often do to those looking for the designer custom built work he and his contracting team does SOOO Well.

- Deremiah CPE

For over two years, I have been privileged to reside in a Key West style home built by Robert Lord. His attention to detail and guidance throughout the building process produced not only a home but a unique individualized work of art. I now have the home of my dreams! I would highly recommend Robert Lord as the builder of choice not only for creative style but for the efficiency of energy conservation throughout the home. As a Master Builder, Robert not only pays attention to detail but ensures that each of his homes meet the requirements of the "Green Home Certification." My average monthly electric bill for my 5000 square foot home is $150. I have friends that have 2000 square foot homes that pay over $500 per month. We love to host parties by our pool and outdoor kitchen, the comments are always “your home is so beautiful and perfect for entertaining." We were educated by Robert on the advantages and disadvantages of all products available when making our selections. My husband and I had interviewed other builders in the area prior to choosing Lord General Contractors, but his professionalism, building knowledge and hands on approach made it a very easy decision. 

- Robin and Charles Harris


Having worked with you for almost 20 years we are glad to recommend you and your firm to architects and homeowners and can assure them of your excellent history of completing homes within agreed upon time frames and with 100% customer satisfaction.

- John E. Adams, C.P.C.U.  Managing Director - Willis Insurance

Character, commitment and quality...these are the words that come to mind when after selecting Lord General Contractors Corporation for our construction project, and it all starts at the top.  For our project, Robert Lord proved to be a down-to-earth, real, and approachable visionary who hears your dreams and is committed to bring them to life.  He uses a hands-on approach and takes the time to see the work through from concept to completion with attention to detail at every stage of progress along the way.

If you're looking for a grand vision brought to reality with high quality results that exceed your expectations, look no further than Lord General Contractors.  You won't be disappointed. 

- Richard and Linda Landon

If you are looking for a custom home builder, this is the guy!  He knows more than 10 others put together!

- Harry Schenk

​Thank you for giving your time and expertise to judge the 2019 Best Of International Builders Show Awards.  It is very much appreciated.

- Damaris Duarte International Manager - National Association of Home Builders NAHB

“The experience of purchasing and owning a Robert Lord home is one that every home owner should have. I thank my lucky stars that my family and I found our Robert Lord home. There is a difference, and after searching for more than ten months we feel privileged to live in our Robert Lord home.”  “Quality sets Lord General Contractors apart. The quality in materials and expertise in craftsmanship is second to none and are never compromised. Aesthetic beauty and uniqueness sets them apart. Both inside and outside his homes, Robert Lord strives to implement unique features to make each home its own work of art. All the while, maintaining complete functionality in the usage of space.”  “But what really sets Lord General Contractors apart from other builders and puts him in a class of his own is the care and time devoted to his clients. Robert Lord truly wants his clients to love living in their homes. He and his team are always available to help and always follow up on questions or concerns. He builds relationships with his clients, and it is refreshing to make such a purchase from an honest man of integrity. Robert Lord builds an outstanding home and stands behind his work 110%.”  “In the end, we’re glad it took so long for us to find our home. It was worth the wait!

- Julie A.B. Grewe

​I had met Robert Lord when I was a Key Award Judge for the National Home Builders Association.  At once I could see his passion for sustainable design and green building.  When I had the opportunity to teach the first green course at Westwood College I knew that Robert's experience and in-the-trenches experiences would be an inspiration to the students.  As a guest speaker, Robert was able to open the student's eyes to the possibilities and challenges that face the building industry.  I appreciate having Robert as a resource and real-life example for the next generation of construction professionals.  With gratitude,

- Gregory Sengstock  Architect/Instructor - Sengstock Architects 


​Thank you for taking the time to judge our ARC Awards.

- Misty Varsalone - Dallas Texas NAHB​

Lord General Contractors is an outstanding new home builder.  The owner, Robert Lord ensures that every detail is completed properly and that the finished product is not just good, but exceptional!  If you are planning to build a new home in the Pinellas beach area, you owe it to yourself to call Robert at Lord General Contractors.

- Gary Nesslar Owner - Traditions Cabinetry

I have known Robert Lord for over 10 years and was introduced to him by a friend who Robert was custom building a new house for in Iowa. I have since moved to Florida about 5 years ago and still keep in touch and follow his incredible custom build projects. Robert and his wife are the real deal if you want a truly custom home with the best craftsmanship around. He is a national award winning builder and it shows. I seen his projects from start to finish and he is the most knowledgeable builder I know and always educates himself on the latest and greatest innovations in building. Robert gives 110% to each client's dream and delivers as promised and delivers beyond his clients expectations!. I was a Real Estate Broker for 20 plus years in Minnesota and his work speaks for itself. I would hire Lord General Contractors for my next custom dream home with-out hesitation! I highly recommend you strongly consider them at the top of your list.
- Kent Friedrichsen - Link Capital, LLC

Robert was extremely helpful in analyzing a property acquisition and provided quality information which led to a positive outcome. His follow up was very timely and information provided was exceptional!! A quality builder who I would highly recommend!!

Dave Calzaretta

This company listens to you … he was thoughtful and well informed.  He started and finished the job properly and went beyond to do the job correctly.  He is well informed on environmental concerns and more importantly has a moral compass.  I would use him again and again !!!

Margie Quinn

Robert Lord has been instrumental in helping us navigate our land purchase.  He has been willing to share his vast knowledge of home construction, township regulations, and all aspects of the upcoming build of our forever home on the beaches of Pinellas County.  Once we found the perfect location, he went above and beyond with his guidance and efforts to ensure the sale went smoothly.  It was far from a “simple sale” as much needed to be done with the selling agent and with the closing process to ensure the best outcome.  Throughout the past 4 months, Robert has illustrated his strong work ethic while keeping our best interests at heart. We are very much looking forward to the journey ahead and know we are in good hands with Robert and his team.

-Steve L.

Lord General Contractors services are second to none.  Mr. Lord is a hard working, honest, very knowledgeable, and supportive for his client.  I would recommend him to anybody.

- Simone Pilz - Pilz Agency

"These are just a few terms that come to mind when I think of Lord General Contractors. You did an outstanding job of truly customizing our dream home to reflect our family. You were always available to meet with us or the many experienced subcontractors, to ensure things were done right the first time.  As experienced home owners, this was our tenth and hopefully final move, we knew what we were looking for in a community, a builder and in a home. We wanted to work with someone we could trust and who shared our vision to create a one-of-a-kind dream home. You did this and much, much more.  Upon our arrival from California, we looked at hundreds of homes all over the surrounding area.  We then looked at every available home and every builder’s model. The quality and pride you put into each and every home is quite evident. Your attention to detail and willingness to do whatever is necessary to get the job done were key success factors.  Together we started with a blank sheet and designed every inch of our home with painstaking detail. We thought we knew what we wanted, but by working together with you and Mike, many design improvements were made.  We were most impressed by the way you handled the inevitable issues that arose during construction of a one-of-a-kind home. During the construction process, you continually kept us in the loop so we knew what to expect and when.  The subcontractors were first rate and took great pride in their work. Their attention to detail during the building process has resulted in a very short ‘punch list’.  As a truly custom builder, you demonstrated a perfect balance of sticking with the plan and flexibility to change things on the fly. You always let us know the cost up front for any changes we requested so we could make an informed decision.  After building a home, many people say they would never do it again. Given the opportunity, we would build again with Lord General Contractors in a heartbeat.  We are thrilled with the end result and are proud to call it our home.  Wow, it’s beautiful, I love it! This is the reaction we frequently get when someone enters our home the first time. The quality and attention to detail are evident everywhere you look. If they could only see the construction quality including plywood floors, walls, and roof and thousands of dollars in upgraded mechanicals which make it a quality built home, too.  You were awesome to work with throughout the design and building process. Your expert guidance was greatly appreciated even for veteran homeowners like us. We always knew what to expect and there weren’t any surprises. You went out of your way to include many unique features we wanted in our home.  Your dedication, attention to detail, availability, and willingness to work closely with us to make our home one-of-a kind are reasons we would build again with you in a heartbeat!  Thank you again for everything you and your team did to build our dream home and to make the building process as painless as it can be."

- Rick and Shannon Crowe

“It’s been about four months since we moved into our fabulous new custom home, and we both have to say we absolutely love it! At our very first meeting you explained your high standards of building only “quality custom homes”, yet I don’t think we realized exactly what that meant, until the house was completely done. No detail was overlooked, no request denied, and it definitely shows now that the house is done. We really are thankful that we choose Lord General Contractors to make our dream home a reality.”

“Going into the whole process, we were apprehensive, as I am sure most people would be, but along the way you seemed to turn that apprehension into excitement. The fact that we chose to design and build a complete custom home that no one has built before was also a concern, but with your knowledge of construction and our design input our home turned out better than we ever dreamed.”  “Every sub-contractor that worked on our home did an outstanding job and we could not be happier with their work. They were professional, polite, and even made a few great suggestions along the way. They were also receptive to any changes that we made, and as you know, there were quite a few that made the home even more spectacular.”  “You definitely have our sincerest thanks and we will be recommending you in the future. You do an outstanding job of treating your customers not like a number, but like a friend and in this day and age that is a rare find. Keep up the great work!!”

- Jim & Stacey Lauro

Over the last nine years I have had the privilege of working with Robert Lord.  Over that time I have always found him to be honest, forthright and full of integrity in every thing he does.  Robert puts out 110% leaving nothing for chance.  I am fortunate to be able to sell a wide variety of building products to Robert Lord.  Because of this, I am involved from foundation to the last piece of interior trim that goes up.  Part of this process involves interacting with Robert's clients.  This part of the business can sometimes be very difficult.  Robert makes this easy through because of his knowledge and the trust his clients have in him.  This industry is all about schedules and having things at the jobsite when needed.  Robert's availability and presence at the job makes this possible.

- Peter J. Rood - Probuild​ - Builders FirstSource BFS

Our company has enjoyed a business relationship with Robert Lord since 2001 during which time we have partnered on a multitude of truly exceptional homes providing the custom stairs and railing.  As the general manager of StairMasters, Inc. I am honored to take this opportunity to submit this letter of reference on behalf of Robert Lord.  Robert Lord and his staff have been a pleasure to work with and have extended outstanding professional courtesies to our company through their efforts of communications and respect over many years.  We consider Robert Lord on of the top customers and would recommend them without reservations.  We are in hopes that we continue to enjoy our partnership for many years to come.  Robert Lord is a builder who shows great diligence and dedication and is a "Step Above Professional" within the construction industry.  He offers his peers and customers alike a wealth of information regarding our ever-changing construction industry.  This is due to his commitment and continued efforts to educate him self through means of participation in professional and educational venues and organizations - we commend him for his efforts.  

- Doug Henry  General Manager - StairMasters, Inc. 


“On an average I show anywhere from 10-20 homes to a client before they buy. My job is to educate my clients with the market so that they feel good about their home purchase. I feel confident that when showing a Robert Lord home my clients will be impressed with the quality and craftsmanship that goes into it. I have gotten nothing but good feedback about his work.”
- Sandy Bennett Realtor - Keller Williams Realty


“Rob Lord did an excellent job in building our house in 2001. He represented us as if he was building our home for a family member. Throughout our neighborhood, Lord General Contractors has earned a solid reputation. When I mention who built our house, it’s amazing how many people have really nice things to say about his homes and reputation. Rob is a man of honesty and integrity in every sense of the work. He is committed to customer satisfaction and has a dedication to excellence!” 

“Lord General Contractors provided an end-to-end solution, from the architect who assisted us in designing the blueprints to helping us find competitive financing. Rob kept us up to date and involved during every phase of the construction process. Rob was readily available to discuss ideas, answer questions and evaluate options. Rob is very knowledgeable and can give professional advice from the aesthetic perspective to the functional benefits.”  “I would encourage people to compare other builders’ homes under construction. In the framing phase, they will notice that Robert Lord homes have plywood flooring, side walls and roof, not particle board. The benefit is the home is well insulated, floors that feel solid and don’t squeak. Plywood also acts as sound insulation – both externally and internally. Rob Lord homes have reinforced floor joists, top quality windows, and electrical and plumbing routing that is very defined and organized.”  “Ask the contractors how Rob’s homes compare to other builders. Compare the cleanliness of the job site. It demonstrates a commitment to quality to the buyers as well as the contractors working at the site. There is a difference!”  “While most builders try to maximize profit margins, Lord General Contractors builds high-quality homes for a reasonable price. Rob uses only subcontractors that have years of experience and solid reputations, and not the low-cost providers.”

- Bruce Plumb

“Robert Lord’s homes are built with beauty and refined elegance in mind, which definitely comes through in the finished product. The attention given to design and detail is first-rate and remarkably stunning. There is nothing in our home we’d change.”
- Mark & Nicole Kernan


​“Robert Lord always kept meetings, everything was done on time and exactly the way he said it would be done. He always provided good ideas for changing things to fit your style. Willing to listen to suggestions and what you wanted.”
- Don & Ingrid Blahut

​“We returned to the Fox Valley in the fall of 2003 after being absent for 20 years. After viewing some 40 existing homes for sale and examining 9 builders in the area, we chose Lord General Contractors. We made this choice based on quality construction, innovative floor plans, energy conservation, environmental concerns and dollar value. The finished product points to Robert Lord’s personal pride and attention to the quality throughout the home; from the foundation to the roof. We have custom built 5 other homes over the years and therefore feel qualified to attest to the quality craftsmanship and excellent detail of a Robert Lord built home.” 
- Jim and Dorothy Ogle


​“Well, Carole and I just celebrated the 1 year anniversary (August 20th) of our Robert Lord Custom Home!  We looked at over 60 homes from Barrington to Naperville and from LaGrange to St. Charles. None of them offered the amenities, the style, the location, and the VALUE that we found in your home here in Fox Mill!”  “We have had family and visitors in numerous times over the last year and their reactions are always the same – “WOW!” Best wishes and thanks to you for building a terrific product!”

- Brad and Carole Hull


“We looked at many homes in the area, new and existing, and we can honestly say we knew at first glance that Robert Lord’s homes were beyond compare. Certainly, the aesthetic features are second to none. Rob selects only the most beautiful, elegant and high quality tile, Brazilian cherry floors, cabinetry, granite, lighting, and the list goes on. In addition, he is fair and straightforward with his pricing which is unique among builders. However, what truly sets Rob apart is the quality of construction in all of his homes. He uses only the most premium building materials, which is evident when you see how solid his homes are. Literally, when looking at homes we would jump on the main and 2nd floors, and Rob’s homes are so solid you feel like you’re jumping on the basement floor, no movement or sound! Robert Lord will spare no amount of time and attention to be certain the homes he builds are as perfect as his own, inside and out. What a wonderful feeling it is to truly love the home we’re in!” 
- Jayne and Joe MacDonald

​“Before buying from Robert Lord, we looked at over 60 homes, trying to find a house that set itself apart from the rest. While other houses showed well, none compared to the distinctive look, elegance, layout and quality that Robert Lord builds into each home.”

- Kevin and Cathy Fick


​“I wanted to take a moment to express what a pleasure it was building our home with Lord General Contractors. Throughout the entire process, everyone was extremely helpful, and every detail was explained to us during the build. The quality of construction is second to none, and all of the suppliers that Robert Lord uses are of high quality products as well as high quality employees. Robert Lord himself was very involved throughout the process, and his attention to detail was very impressive, as well as his knowledge of all aspects of the different selections we made for the house. His entire staff was very helpful and knowledgeable, especially Chad who answered all of our questions immediately and even stopped by the house several times when we had a question about anything in the house. I would definitely build again, or buy an existing Robert Lord home based on the quality and customer service we have received.”
- Scott Richardson

​The following is a personal account of our experience with building a custom home by Robert Lord.  “We were relocating from Pennsylvania, so we spent countless hours on the internet looking at homes in the St. Charles area. During a search, we came across a listing for a Robert Lord home, which included a virtual tour. After seeing this home, we knew we wanted to meet with him. We flew out to his house; and, in talking with him and seeing his work first hand, it didn't take too long for us to move forward with a plan to build. We are extremely detail-oriented, and it was obvious that Rob was, too. It was also apparent that Rob was truly a"stand-up" guy, which is very important to us when choosing a builder. We had built our previous home, and we can honestly say, the experience from the beginning was like night and day. We had to watch everything our previous builder did to make sure he didn't cut corners. The complete opposite occurred when dealing with Rob.  We were still living in PA while the house was being built here in IL, and we honestly can say that we were never worried. We not only trusted Rob with the structure of the home, but we could depend on him to use his artistic talent to make it unique. We trusted his decisions and looked to him for guidance when needed. He was always available to discuss progress or give advice on changes or requests. He took all our phone calls without hesitation and always returned calls in a prompt manner when initially not available. He was always up front and honest. He did everything possible to give us exactly what we wanted.”  “When it was time for us to make decisions regarding the home, Rob put us in contact with an impressive group of vendors and suppliers. They were all professional and knowledgeable in regards to their product. We never felt rushed or pressured. Everybody was so eager to help, that the process, which usually is very stressful, was actually a lot of fun.”  “The home is absolutely gorgeous. Rob has a truly unique vision when it comes to his work, and we, as the homeowners, reap the benefits of his artistic design and structural perfectionism. We never once worried about the quality of our home. It is fundamentally solid and visually stunning.  We love this house, and Robert Lord puts his heart into his work. We honestly couldn't ask for more.”

- Gina & Tyler Anthony


​“When we returned to the Chicagoland area we did not want to wait to build a custom home again. After viewing over 60 homes from Naperville to St. Charles we finally found the perfect home, built by Robert Lord. When we walked in we were immediately drawn in by the elegant details in every room. It was as if someone read my mind when choosing the granite, light fixtures and room colors. The flowing floor plan accommodates busy family life as well as entertaining.”  “Robert Lord is known for his meticulous attention to detail. We personally experienced this when he finished our basement with all of the quality and special touches found in our upper levels. Robert Lord has remained available to us for questions and concerns since we moved in almost one year ago. We love our home and highly recommend Robert Lord as a builder.”

- Stephan & Julie Strasser


​“I would like to take a moment to thank you for building a lovely home. We are the second owners of this home and I must say this home is magnificent with quality workmanship throughout! From the cabinets to the fixtures to the finish trim all show a touch of class! This is our fourth custom home with the first three having been new homes and by far this home stands out above all of them with a quality.”  “Aside from the quality, what I am most impressed with is the builder’s accessibility and response time. Robert Lord owes us nothing as we have no signed contract and in fact the home is two years old and out of warranty, but when we reach out to him as we have done with many questions concerning his suppliers to match things like additional granite, cabinets, doors, windows, fixtures, etc., we always receive a timely call back with the answers. Robert Lord in fact provided us with his cell phone number in case a problem should arise. Never with my former three brand new custom homes were the builders as accessible. In fact with each one of these homes we would have to hound the builder for any information or repairs.”  “It is a real tribute to find a builder who not only stands behind his work but who also will take the time to insure no matter who owns a Robert Lord home their a satisfied customer.”

- Mark & Stella Leoni


​I can tell you that Robert Lord’s craftsmanship and knowledge of the building industry that you do not physically see is what could sell his beautiful homes. The care for his customers keen eye for detail, and cutting edge that you do see, will put your home in a class of its own.  Robert Lord builds and manages his homes as if he was building the home for his own family. How do I know that? I own a Robert Lord home that I bought from a previous owner. His structural and mechanical expertise is beyond your expectation, and his building intuition is beyond what you can imagine.  When owning a home that you bought from a previous owner, you undoubtedly will make changes over time. When you make those “facelift” changes to a Robert Lord home, you realize how well your home is constructed, the keen eye for “perfection” detail behind the scenes, and the “true” craftsmanship that Robert Lord has.  Putting together the quality of construction, intuitive thinking and design, and the “attention to detail” that your home will have, your home will be what you have “dreamed” of and what other people will “want” to have.  Take this message from a 2nd owner of a Robert Lord home. You are making the correct choice in choosing Lord General Contractors, Inc.

- Kyle A. Gordon


​In the early part of 2006, we spent about three months looking at numerous houses in the St. Charles and Geneva area. When we walked into our current home we were convinced that this was the place for our family. The architectural design is like no other house we have seen. The many columns and arches create a completely different look and feel to the home. With three children, we fell in love with the mud room that has beautiful wood lockers and storage spaces. We also liked the bonus room for the kids to play in and a private loft in one of the bedrooms. The elevated study off the first floor is very unique and is completely crafted in wood that creates a rich, warm feel to it. We were very impressed by the quality of the workmanship, appliances, light fixtures and chandeliers. We absolutely love the high ceilings and triple-crown molding throughout the house. It is also evident that time and attention went into the selection of quality windows, doors, fireplaces, wrought iron staircases, and many other features. It is evident that Robert Lord takes extreme pride in his homes and he personally spent hours with us reviewing the home construction and features to ensure we understood how things operate and are properly maintained. After seeing a Robert Lord home, we felt that all others did not measure up to his standards.  After we settled into our new home, Robert always made himself readily available if we had questions about the house. We are extremely happy in our new home and would highly recommend a Robert Lord home to anyone in the future.

- Doug & Lynn Patrick

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality! Robert was extremely helpful in analyzing a property acquisition and provided quality information which led to a positive outcome. His follow up was very timely and information provided was exceptional!! A quality builder who I would highly recommend!!

- Dave Calzaretta


​We live in such a nice neighborhood and it's builders like you who make it so nice.

-Jeff and Melanie Tolley

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value! Robert Lord General Contractor is both an amazing new home builder and an extremely genuine and personable realtor. 10/10 would recommend for building the finest quality luxury home that money can buy.

- CJ Baker

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. I had reached out to Robert Lord to inquire about their procedures on a new construction project we had in mind, and he went above and beyond explaining everything. I was amazed at how much time he shared with me (as is not the case with various other custom builders I had previously contacted) and he was super patient answering all my detailed questions, very kind and warm.

- M Perez

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. Lord Contracting Services are second to none.
Mr. Lord is a hard working, honest, very knowledgeable, and supportive for his client. I would recommend him to anybody.

- Yessuh Wiggins

The attention to detail on every build is unparalleled to other builders. Lord General Contractors goes above and beyond for every customer, perfecting each custom build.

- Teri Erickson

Pam and I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how pleased we are with our new house. We have relocated seven times throughout the Southeast and Midwest and have purchased five new houses in the process. This house is by far the best that we have owned from an overall quality standpoint. The construction quality is excellent, and the house is extremely tight and energy efficient.  When we first started to look for homes in the St. Charles area, there were many builders to choose from. After looking at over 20 different builders’ homes, we decided on yours and were not disappointed. We have, and will continue to recommend a Robert Lord built home. Thanks again for providing us with an exceptional experience.

- Ken Harms

When it comes to dream homes, Lord General Contractors puts the “wow” into them. Every other home we considered, and there were so many, were not even close to his quality, style and creativity. We built our home “with” Robert . . . he took our ideas and turned them into a distinctive reality. And our neighborhood is his neighborhood, which says a lot. What more could you ask? Thanks again for making our house our dream home!
-Brian & Angie Norris 

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