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NGBS Green Single-Family Home Certification

The National Green Building Standard (NGBS) provides practices for the design, construction, and certification of new green single-family homes, including:

  • single-family homes

  • townhouses

  • duplexes

Builders seeking NGBS Green certification for their homes have two options. Homes can earn Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Emerald certification, depending on the number of green practices successfully incorporated into its design and construction. This option applies for all versions of the NGBS. Alternatively, homes can earn the Certified level by following the streamlined single-family certification path in the 2020 NGBS. In order to be eligible for the Certified path, homes must successfully incorporate all applicable practices in Chapter 12 of the 2020 NGBS.

Existing single-family homes can also attain one of the four certification levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Emerald) when remodeling in compliance with the NGBS.

Want to learn if your building can earn NGBS Green certification? Contact us.

Single-Family Home NGBS Resources:

Wellness Within Your Walls is the solution to affordable, accountable, and achievable healthier interior environments. We serve as the bridge between consumers and the building and design communities with a primary goal of providing education on building and designing healthier interior environments.

Our mission

To connect the global family with healthy, eco-sensitive products and strategies that result in beautiful, sustainable, non-toxic environments.

Our vision

To create a legacy of health, harmony and sustainability in living environments.


Our educational programs cover each phase of the design and build process. WWYW believes education is the key to reducing toxins in the interior environment. WWYW offers a large range of educational opportunities focusing on learning how to make responsible decisions before, during, and after the design and build process.


We offer certification for people, places, products, and programs. WWYW’s certification processes encourage a more holistic approach to lowering toxins in living environments. We serve as the bridge connecting consumers with manufacturers, architects, builders, and designers in order to create healthier homes. 


During her groundbreaking work on Eco Manor—the first LEED gold certified private residence—Wellness Within Your Walls founder Jillian Pritchard Cooke discovered that consumers and professionals both needed accurate information on how to reduce toxins in the interior environment.

A subsequent cancer diagnosis become the catalyst for turning that expertise into a passionate commitment to creating healthier living environments by reducing toxins.  Jillian shared her passion, grew her commitment and brainstormed with family, friends, co-workers and experts in the building and home furnishings industries, and soon Wellness Within Your Walls was born.

WWYW allows us all, whether in our roles as consumers or producers of home products and services, to easily make healthier, responsible choices for all interior environments.


A healthy home has never been more important. Get your free Hayward Score and personalized recommendations so you can take effective steps to start transforming your home today.




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Hayward Score CEO Bill Hayward gives an inspiring TEDx talk about his journey from living in an unhealthy home to starting a mission to transform health and housing.

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Your Senses, Our Science™

How Does Score Work

We designed the world’s first healthy home algorithm to simplify the complexity for you.

Step 1

You answer a set of simple questions about your home developed by our healthy home experts.

Step 2

Score instantly provides you with an intelligent report about the health of your home.

What Score Gives You

By combining our expertise in building science and health and your expertise on the conditions in your home and how you are feeling, we empower you with simple, effective steps that can transform the health of your home.

An extensive assessment on conditions and issues affecting your home.

Specific & tailor made steps that will make your home healthier.

Free resources such as action plans, guides, expert advice, and more.


Who Uses Score

People just like you

Hayward Score has been used by thousands of individuals from all walks of life, who were determined to take control of the health of their home. If you’ve ever felt like your home may be making you sick, you are not alone. Join the revolution of people taking action to make their homes as healthy as possible.


Hayward Score identifies the major issues in your home that can impact your health and gives you personalized actionable recommendations to fix them!



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Indoor airPLUS

Indoor airPLUS is a voluntary partnership and labeling program that helps new home builders improve the Indoor Air Quality by requiring construction practices and product specifications that minimize exposure to airborne pollutants and contaminants.  Clean air is good for everyone’s health, but it can be especially important to those who have chronic respiratory conditions.

About Indoor airPLUS


Builders and Raters





Take steps each day to save water and protect the environment by choosing WaterSense labeled products in your home, yard, and business. Learn more about WaterSense and how we can all get more by using less.

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Did You Know?

By replacing a showerhead with a WaterSense labeled model, the average family can save more than 2,700 gallons of water each year. A WaterSense labeled showerhead can also save the amount of electricity it takes to power the average family’s home for 11 days and reduce their annual water and energy costs by more than $75!  Learn how you can shower better!

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ENERGY STAR certified products help you save energy.


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Antique & Design Center of High Point

The Antique & Design Center of High Point is a gathering of 75+ of the countries most talented and creative antiques dealers. We have been bringing the soul to High Point Market, since our founding in 2010. We promote antiques, as the ultimate in repurposing to keep home furnishings out of landfills and have created a place for designers, architects and shop owners to connect with the dealers.

Best Practice Achievements

Sustainable Materials

Recycling and Reclamation

Return and Reuse

Chain of Custody

Decrease use of Toxic Chemicals

Low Environmental Impact Textiles

Life Cycle Analysis

Local Sourcing

Third Party Certifications

Sharing the Wealth

Social Responsibility Code

Supplier Responsibility

Health and Safety Code Compliance

We Pay Living Wages

We Sponsor Sustainability Events

We Inspect

Save Paper and Other Office Resources

We Use Energy Specialists

Updated Inefficient Equipment

Energy Efficient Lighting

Verified Sustainability Claims

Committed to Training

In keeping with our commitment to continual improvement, we are planning to take the following actions this year: On reducing energy consumption:


In keeping with our commitment to continual improvement, we are planning to take the following actions this year: On how we will manage our primary material or service to a more sustainable direction:


In keeping with our commitment to continual improvement, we are planning to take the following actions this year: On education and promotion of the sustainability cause:


Take the next step to build your brand, spread your presence, and educate your staff.

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PO Box 21
High Point, NC 27261
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(252) 368-1098



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