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Ultimate Green Home


The curtain is up and the spotlight is shining front and center on Lord General Contractors’ latest and proudest creation “The Ultimate Green Home”, a one of  a kind, eco-friendly residence  that was designed to yield unheard-of energy savings as well as pamper occupants with lavish appointments and state of the art high end features.  In planning this home our direction was to question everything throughout the process to reduce the residence’s carbon footprint without sacrificing on quality or comfort.  The result was nothing less than the ultimate green home, one of sustainable quality, sustainable efficiency and sustainable for the environment for future generations to come.


It’s the ultimate green home, but it’s also the ultimate dream home. 
We’re creating architectural history and forever changing the world! 

 Green highlights in and around the residence include:

  • An underground geothermal heating and cooling system by ClimateMaster that provides a renewable fuel source to maximize energy efficiency and eliminate carbon monoxide. A series of ground source geothermal heat pumps capitalize on the earth's constant temperature (approximately 55°F) to effectively heat and cool the home using water or environmentally friendly antifreeze liquid circulated through a closed-loop pipe buried in the ground. The conditioned air is then distributed throughout the house via forced air blowers and traditional ductwork. The result? Up to 75 savings in heating and cooling costs and three times more efficiency than fossil fuels. 

  • Closed-cell foam insulation-a spray-applied polyurethane foam by Honeywell that surrounds the home's building shell in a single blanket of air-tight insulation from the foundations, up the walls and across the roof. This extra-efficient insulation material offers a higher R-value (up to R-24 vs. the typical R-13 in the walls and up to R-72 vs. the usual R-38 in the ceilings) than traditional fiberglass products (typically R-13), prevents mold growth, restricts moisture transmission and increases the home's structural strength. Its use is estimated to reduce energy costs by up to 75 percent and lower wasteful air infusion by 40 percent.   

  • DuPont's Tyvek low-E ThermaWrap and AtticWrap throughout the house, which achieves an energy savings up to 15 percent. The former helps keep radiant energy that accumulates in the wall sheathing from releasing to the exterior during the winter, and reflects radiant heat out of the wall via its metalized surface to cool the interior in the summer. The latter is a revolutionary breathable membrane that helps create an airtight seal to reduce air leakage and energy loss through the roof. 

  • Low-E, ultra-efficient windows throughout the home. These windows have a DP (design pressure) rating of 55-up from the industry average of 40-that indicates an extremely well-built product built to withstand extremely high winds. The windows also offer an exclusive climate guard SPF of 99.9, which means that it blocks virtually 100 percent of all UV rays. 

  • A hybrid septic system that uses an aerobic digester in tandem with a raised sand filter, which reduced the size of the septic field by half and helped save several trees in the process. The aerobic digester also helps decrease the time it takes for waste matter to decompose, making it an earth-friendly system. 

  • A hybrid water well that uses a variable-speed pump (operating at multiple speeds of performance based on need) and a constant-pressure demand technology; the system's pressure tank is up to 75 percent smaller than the size of a traditional tank-saving space, water and energy. 

  • Two self-replenishing in-home waterfalls by Napoleon (one measuring 3' x 6' in the master bathroom, the other measuring 2' x 3' in the foyer) that purify and hydrate the air, thus eliminating the need for a separate air filtration system and separate humidifiers. 

  • Two whole-house, stainless steel water heaters by Polaris that are 95-plus percent efficient and connected to the geothermal system. 

  • Direct-vent, high-efficiency, sealed-unit fireplaces by Napoleon, linked to forced-air ductwork, that can heat up to 3,000 square feet in the home using combustible outside air for extra efficiency; the kitchen fireplace is also a cooking source. 

  • A dual-fuel hybrid kitchen range by Wolf that runs on natural gas and electricity, designed to yield substantial energy savings. 

  • Hybrid electric toilets by Kohler that also function as bidets and minimize water usage unlike any product seen before. 

  • A backyard fiberglass pool and spa by Aloha measuring 44' x 16' that uses Pentair earth-friendly equipment including sand filter; an EasyTouch computerized network; IntelliFlo variable-speed, computerized pump that works depending on the need; InteliChlor generator that produces chlorine for a saltwater pool that eliminates the use of environmentally harmful chemicals; ThermalFlo heat pump that produces all the heat for the pool and spa to condition the heated water using air and electricity, similar to the underground geothermal system (this heater is designed to reduce energy consumption by up to 75 percent compared to a gas-forced heating system); and energy efficient fiber optics for lighting. 

  • Carpeting and carpet padding by Shaw made from recycled materials. 

  • Low-VOC wall paints by ICI that reduce the amount of toxic emissions into the air. 

  • LED lights exclusively in the kitchen, which use a fraction of the wattage of CFL bulbs and last up to 15 times longer. 

  • An eco-paver driveway by BellGuard that employs permeable paver stones for efficient water drainage; this special product takes all the runoff water and recharges the earth as though the driveway doesn't exist. 

  • Energy Star-rated appliances, ceiling fans and other products. 

  • Environmentally sensitive plumbing fixtures. 

  • Millwork created from the native species of trees that had to be cleared from the site to make room for the house. 

  • The trees removed from the site were recycled. 

  • The recycling company reused or recycled 75 percent of the construction waste.


National Association of Home Builders
Robert is 1 of 10 in the State of Florida with this designation for 2018

National Association of Home Builders
Robert is 1 of 8 in the State of Florida with this designation for 2018

EPA Energy Star 100% Commitment Builder
Robert is 1 of 14 in the State of Florida for 2018


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2010 Readers’ Choice Awards
Best Home Builder

2009 Icon Award of Excellence Gold Award
New Construction over $4,000,000

2009 Icon Award of Excellence Gold Award
Green Design

2008 Key Award for Excellence
Architectural Design

2008 Key Award for Excellence
New Construction

2008 Sammy Award
Public Relations/Most Creative Campaign

2008 Agent’s Choice Award
Favorite Eco-Friendly Residential Project

2008 Charlemagne Award
Community Development

2008 Community Development Award 
“The Ultimate Green House”

2007 Crystal Key Award 

2007 Gold Innovative Design Award
New Construction

2007 Pacesetter National Award


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